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Continuing education and events

Suitable and satisfied members of staff are the most significant asset of any enterprise! The University of Graz backs this view by treating members of staff with respect as well as by pursuing a comprehensive HR development policy. At the University of Graz, HR development is thus regarded as a major part of professional HR and CEO management.

HR development at the University of Graz already begins when new employees are recruited in that the search for and selection of prospective staff members and colleagues are supported in a professional manner (recruiting). New staff members are always warmly welcomed to the university. Moreover, HR development accompanies new members of staff in their initial training by means of the UNISTART programme and supports them later on in their professional daily life by providing them with comprehensive internal continuing education offers.

Issues such as the appraisal interview, apprenticeship at the university, the internal job exchange and issuing letters of recommendation complete the multi-faceted work at HR department.


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